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After a short period of development on a different cloud services provider, TVG moved to Google Cloud Platform using Google Kubernetes Engine to automate container management and orchestration. Moving to Google Cloud Platform gives TVG a variety of options in different regions and availability zones to satisfy regulatory requirements. Google Cloud Platform offers continuous availability and transparent maintenance, with no scheduled downtime or patching requirements.

And with Google Cloud Platform, we get much more consistent performance as we scale. They provided the facilitation, follow-up, and expert advice we needed to make our deployment a success. With an active-active cloud architecture spanning multiple regions and the ability to conduct continuous, automated load tests, TVG no longer worries about downtime during major racing events—or any time, for that matter.

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The delay is in accordance with our Terms and Conditions; in particular the intellectual property clauses with reference to Betfair data. The relevant terms are highlighted below. Your account represents a commercial usage profile. Usage of Betfair Exchange market data by any user in a commercial context requires a data licence. Betfair offers a commercial data licensing scheme, details of which can be found at developer. For assistance with withdrawing any account funds, please contact the Betfair Helpdesk en-betfair.

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Cancellation, Termination, Suspension and Breach We may restrict your access to Betfair, suspend or terminate your account, withdraw your offers for bets, void any bets outstanding to your account, cancel any unmatched bets or cancel and void any outstanding or matched bets in our absolute discretion without cause at any time including if: v Последние полгода только лишь гоняю различные триггеры в тестовом режиме на скачках и футболе, на реальные деньги за это время не играл.

Может быть, кто-то сталкивался с подобным? Какие действия стоит предпринять? Tim WellDoneSoft. Написать или позвонить им, сказать, что ничего такого не делали и пообещать делать ставки.

Ну, и хотя бы раз в неделю делать ставку. Oxa WellDoneSoft. BetFair очень не любит тех, кто обновляет рынки и не делает никаких ставок. Always try your triggers in Test Mode before switching to real money!

Присоединяйтесь к нашей официальной группе ВКонтакте! Neil S: Hi. Can you please tell me your username or e-mail address? Let me have a look at your account for you.

For us to be able to return your deposit, you will need to provide us with full verification documents. To have your money returned, you will need to send us a physical photo of a passport or drivers license together with a physical photo of either a bank statement or utility bill, valid from the past 3 months, with all four corners showing, in full colour and all information clearly shown.

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A document which shows your address, date of issue and your name basically. I understand this may be frustrating but unfortunately it is the procedure to follow as told by the security team. Neil S: Which method would you prefer please? Me sending you the e-mail or you send it directly to that e-mail? Neil S: Okay I can send it to you no problem.